Strzelecki Community Alliance Inc.

Strzelecki Community Alliance Inc. (SCA) is a community group united to fight the inappropriate deployment of renewable energy technologies in a unique part of Gippsland (Victoria, Australia). The proposed Delburn Wind Farm is sighted in a well-recognised bushfire prone area, with approximately 5865 residents living 5km from any one turbine. The 33 x 250m high wind farm proposal fails to conform to the National Wind Farm Commissioner’s recommendations. The threat to lifestyles, health, rights and financial security means we will fight for those most impacted.     

Social licence?

The neighbours of the proposed wind farm were the last to know.
NO neighbours were consulted before this proposal was announced.
Are you one of them?

Will the Strzelecki Koala be ok?

Up to 42 Ha of remnant native vegetation is threatened by bulldozers during construction of the Delburn Wind Farm.
Worried about  koalas? Their habitat is earmarked for removal.

Community financial benefits?

HVP, a US owned company, gets 56% of the community benefits. HVP profits. Neighbours bear the costs. No neighbour was consulted.

Job prospects for me?

Of the 183 jobs proposed by OSMI, under half are directly ‘on the tools’ and we don't know if they are local OR part time. Only ~8-12 jobs once operational.
The rest are ill-defined. 

Health concerns?

The jury is out. 
Lack of quality research has meant the NHMRC are currently sponsoring research. The more we learn, the more we worry.
Just google 'Bald Hills nuisance Supreme Court'

Neighbour rights?

The turbine setbacks are 1km to your house
The proposal assumes you spend all of your time inside your house as you overlook your lifestyle, farming or residential property. 

What if we have a repeat of the 2009 Delburn fires?

Aerial fire support??
The 2009 Delburn Complex fire destroyed 44 homes. Our community is already traumatised. 33 x 250m-high vertical obstacles changes everything.

Too close for comfort?

Are you one of the ~5865 living within 5km of a turbine?

Nearby townships and villages include Yinnar, Boolarra, Driffield, Delburn, Mirboo North, Thorpdale, Hernes Oak, Coalville, Moe South, Darlimurla, Narracan.
Google 'wind farm vibration distance'. 

How many road trips over approx 2 years of construction?

152,500 one-way trips
through the townships.
Woken up at night?
Animal roadkill?
Car accidents due to fleeing animals?