STrzelecki Community Alliance

OSMI announced the proposal to build the Delburn Wind Farm in a media release on March 28, 2019. The opening up of a public online survey immediately followed. No details on the specific locations of turbines were provided. Not one person neighbouring the site had been contacted about this proposal despite OSMI and HVP (the landowner) working on it for over two years. A lack of detail about the proposal led to members of the local community initiating meetings with OSMI representatives, reviewing regulations and wind farm planning applications, consulting extensively with sound and vibrations experts and independent acousticians, and reading the latest scientific literature. Meetings were held to share findings with those most impacted by the proposal and the Strzelecki Community Alliance Inc. (SCA) was formed. The SCA Inc. then held open meetings in Yinnar, Boolarra and Narracan to share findings and concerns with the broader community. The approximately 180 households within 2km of a turbine did not receive formal notification of the proposal from OSMI until late June or early July.


The SCA Inc. supports the responsible deployment of renewable energy technologies. It seeks transparency and accountability in the planning, construction and operation of wind farms, and the fair and equitable treatment of neighbours.  The SCA Inc. does not support the current Delburn Wind Farm proposal as it fails to conform to the recommendations of the National Wind Farm Commissioner. It is an industrial wind energy facility threatening the lifestyles, health, rights and financial security of the people neighbouring the site.