Industrial wind energy facilities threaten the health and wellbeing of local communities

The name ‘Delburn Wind Farm’ was registered in 2016. OSMI (the developer) held discussions with beneficiaries (local councils and community groups) to shore up support before the public announcement was made to the community.

The neighbours of the wind farm have been marginalised from the outset of this proposal.

The announcement in the Latrobe Valley Express was the very first time households were made aware of this proposal. In fact, many neighbouring property owners and community members are still not aware of this proposal!

  • SCA have a number of areas of community concern: 
  • Australia has never seen a proposal so closely located to so many homes
  • The proposed turbine height will be the biggest in Australia
  • The Delburn Complex fires went through over half of the area proposed
    for the Delburn Wind Farm. In the likely event of fire, it is feared aerial support will be significantly compromised – threatening the neighbouring communities of HVP’s plantation throughout Delburn, Boolarra, Darlimurla, Yinnar, Mirboo North, Driffield and surrounds
  • Wind farm developers have a history of dividing communities through gag payments, favouring one community group over others and closed-door payments for one neighbor over another
  • Radar and communication signals compromised
  • The health of local people is threatened (see Health section)
  • The amenity of the region will be adversely impacted by industrial creep
  • There will be major disruption to townships and homes during construction (see Environmental section)
Overwhelming feedback from recent surveys indicate the community has a clear position on the OSMI and HVP proposal
Disclaimer: This video have been selected to simply highlight the impact wind turbines have on the community and what has been uncovered during this fight. SCA are not endorsing either the program or anyone who is sharing the video.