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Maintaining pressure where it matters

23 July 2021

Latrobe City Council announce a listening session to be hold covering the proposed Delburn Wind Farm. Now is the time to let them know what you think about the proposal

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21 July 2021

A poll was held on the Yinnar and District Facebook page. “If you are a local resident (within 5km), do you support the proposed Delburn Wind Farm?
• 70% against the Delburn Wind Farm
• 30% for the wind farm
*141 respondents

19 July 2021

DELWP announces the period for the community to submit their objections begins. Final date for objections is 18th of August 2021.

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December 2019

SCA held a community meeting in Narracan early this month. SCA are working closely to support and inform the community impacted by this proposal. We welcome any community member willing to assist us as we continue to respond to this threat. Please connect with us via our Contact Us page.
Planning is underway for the next community meeting in one of the impacted townships.

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December 2019

The Boolarra Community Development Group survey results were released on the 11th of December. The results:
• 77% against the Delburn Wind Farm
• 21% for the wind farm
*319 respondents

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December 2019

OSMI are yet to release final reports. Please check their website for any updates:

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December 2019

HVP auditors have
recently visited Gippsland.
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December 2019

Wow! The SCA has been most grateful for the feedback on the website. “Informative'” “factual”, “Comprehensive”. Thank you all. Keep the feedback coming through!

December 2019

Members of the community continue to present their voice by displaying banners and posters on their properties. The visibility has been very impressive and is impossible to miss driving along the roads throughout the townships. Congratulations on a fabulous job.

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December 2019

Our Facebook page, Instagram page and website page will continue to be updated with new information. SCA membership is now over 300 members, with over 1000 individuals represented. This strong, united group will continue to work together towards a common goal – to protect our community from the inappropriate placement of wind turbines near our homes.
We encourage you to contact us with your thoughts, comments and concerns.

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