Objection process and key activities

Strzelecki Community Alliance Inc. is run by a group of concerned residents and family members. We have over 300 households represented, totalling over 1000 individuals within the 3km radius of the wind farm.

A reminder – the Alliance is not opposed to renewable energy. The Alliance is opposed to this industrial scale proposal too close to homes, too close to communities and located in a bushfire-prone area.


OSMI, the proposed Delburn Wind Farm developer, is currently working through a standard process in an attempt to have their plan approved by State and Federal governments. If a license is obtained, OSMI have stated they will sell the Wind Farm.

For each of the following, we have provided information about what you can do right now to ensure your voice is heard. 

Submit an objection

When (closing date)

As part of the permit application process for the proposed Delburn Wind Farm, the public have an opportunity to object to the proposal. All objections must be received before the 18th of August 2021 – 5pm. They will be referred to an independent panel, who will consider the proposal.

Address (who to send the objection to)

All you have to do is send an email to: 


The process to submit an objection is easy. You can submit a simple objection or can respond to any of the statements or reports provided by the developer in a meaningful way (see Key concerns for the link). It is important you focus on why you object to the proposed Delburn Wind Farm and the terminal station and how the proposed wind farm will impact you and others.

If you lodge an objection, you have rights. You can choose to exercise these rights or forfeit them – forfeiting rights means that it will be difficult to lodge objections later on. If the impact of this proposal is personal to you, state it. You want to be heard. 

SCA Inc. recommends sending two emails. For each email, specify the application numbers in the title of your objection. 1. Wind Farm (PA2001063, PA2001064 and PA2001066) 2. Terminal Station (PA2001065).

IMPORTANT – click on Maps and certificates of titles Development Plans – Mapbook Part 1 page 9. Is your property listed? State your property number in your objection. If OSMI has not specified your property on the map, make sure you state this in your objection. (below) 

Objection template


1. Wind farm application documents

There are three planning applications for the wind farm and one application for the terminal station. DELWP are accepting all three wind farm applications as one for objectors – PA2001063 (Latrobe), PA2001064 (Baw Baw) and PA2001066 (South Gippsland). As such, you only need to object once for the Wind Farm. 

a. Application forms

b. Planning reports

c. Maps and certificates of titles

Turbine distance from dwellings

Refer to the maps and identify your property number (if relevant). Calculate turbine distance from your property (if relevant). If your property is listed, ensure you clearly state the closest turbine distance to your property.  

  1. Turbine distance from dwellings: https://www.planning.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/534122/PA2001063,-PA2001064,-PA2001066-Delburn-Wind-Farm-Appendix-P-A-Distance-from-Dwellings-Table-020721-Stamped-compressed.pdf

d. Planning policy

e. Zones and overlays

2. Object to wind farm - themes

Supporting tips and guidance will be provided by SCA Inc over the next few days. Please email strzeleckicommunityalliance@aol.com for more information. Read through some of the key concerns on our website for our members. 


Community and Stakeholder Report

Biodiversity (flora and fauna)

Geotechnical Assessment

Landscape and Visual assessments

Aviation Impact Assessment

Noise Impact Assessment

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Assessment

Traffic Impact Assessment

Shadow Flicker Assessment

Economic Impact Assessment

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Framework

Other key concerns not covered in reports

It is critical that you address any other concerns you may have which are not covered in the reports submitted by OSMI. SCA Inc. can provide guidance on additional concerns. Please contact SCA Inc. via strzeleckicommunityalliance@aol.com. 

3. Terminal Station Application (PA2001065)

If you would also like to object to the Terminal Station (PA2001065), please ensure you refer to Section 3 below (Terminal Station application documents) and also ensure you clearly specify that you are objecting to the Terminal Station in your email. 

SCA Inc. recommends sending two emails and for each email, specifying the application numbers – Wind Farm (PA2001063, PA2001064 and PA2001066) and Terminal Station (PA2001065).

Application forms

4. Object to Terminal Station - themes

Bushfire Risk Assessment

Traffic Impact Assessment

Biodiversity Assessment

Geotechnical, Contaminated land and hydrogeological Impacts

Landscape and Visual Assessment

5. Additional comments

We have endeavoured to make it easier for you to navigate through the documents for the planning application. To view the same documents on the DELWP website, refer to:


Read through the Key Concerns page on this website to assist with theming your responses. All objectors have an opportunity to present at the panel hearing from the 18th of October 2021 (2 week period). 

Following the panel hearing and consideration of all submissions made, a report will be prepared with a recommendation to the Minister for Planning, who will then make a decision on the planning permit applications.

The Strzelecki Community Alliance Inc. have example objection letters available for you to read. Please use the Contact Us form on the website or email strzeleckicommunityalliance@aol.com.

I've submitted my objection. What can I do now?

  1. Email the SCA to be added as a member (strzeleckicommunityalliance@aol.com)
  2. Join the Facebook group click here
  3. Join the Instagram group click here
  4. Send in complaints to key stakeholders: see below

5. Gather evidence – take photos of any flora and fauna of significance, including (but not limited to).

Click on each image for more information.

White-bellied sea eagles

Wedge-tailed eagles

Roadside animals anywhere
near the proposed wind farm site

When you take any photo, make sure you are able to reference where you took the photo. There are lots of geo-referencing apps available via the app stores.

Growling Grass Frog

Strzelecki Koala

Narracan Burrowing Crayfish

What else can I do?

Where is the planning submission up to?
This step has commenced. Refer to Submit an objection section (above).

What can I do before and after I have submitted my objection?
1. Raise every complaint you have with OSMI. Get written confirmation the complaint has been recorded. (contactus@osmi.com.au)
2. Email the SCA to be added as a member (strzeleckicommunityalliance@aol.com )
3. Join the Facebook group (search Strzelecki Community Alliance)
4. Join the Instagram group (search Strzelecki Community Alliance) 
5. Send in complaints to key stakeholders
6. Write to and/or engage media outlets 

OSMI is approaching landowners of neighbouring properties to conduct the pre-construction noise testing. A noise assessment is necessary to support OSMI’s application for planning approval. If the development goes ahead, this pre-testing is vital in proving whether or not the wind farm is complying with regulations. Examples of poor practice in the conducting of these tests and the analysis of the results are available in the report from the 2015 Senate inquiry into wind farms (https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Wind_Turbines/Wind_Turbines/Final_Report ).

The SCA has NOT approved the companies engaged by OSMI to do the noise testing or the required peer review.

You may consider getting independent noise testing completed right now. Please contact the SCA if you have been approached by OSMI. strzeleckicommunityalliance@aol.com

Have you raised your hand and allowed OSMI to proceed with noise testing? If so, please ensure you do the following:
i. Take photos of every piece of equipment set up by the acousticians – make sure you can identify how far the equipment is from your home
ii. Measure the precise distance the equipment is from your home to the equipment
iii. Take photos of any nearby items which may cause noise interference, such as trees or tin banging
iv. Engage with the Strzelecki Community Alliance Inc. We can also provide you with guidance on what to do. strzeleckicommunityalliance@aol.com or via our Contact Us page

OSMI has submitted their referral to the Victorian State Government. This referral is currently under review. The public has an opportunity to respond only to the EES provided by OSMI if the Minister for Planning decides one is required. Here is a link to the process: https://www.planning.vic.gov.au/environment-assessment/what-is-the-ees-process-in-victoria .

Where is the EES referral up to?
The minister is currently reviewing OSMI’s referral.

What can I do right now?

See below for more information.

Help with writing to key stakeholders

OSMI are the developers who have partnered with one land owner (Hancocks Plantation Victoria) and will sell off the wind farm following planning approval.

• Email your complaint to OSMI: contactus@osmi.com.au
• Title your email COMPLAINT, along with the precise complaint. Example title: COMPLAINT – no consultation with Smith Family
• When you use OSMI’s complaints form on their website, you may quickly lose track of your complaint. Use your own email address to send your complaint, so you always retain a copy.
• Raise every complaint you have with OSMI to OSMI. Get written confirmation that your complaint has been recorded.
• Example complaint letters – Coming soon

The Commissioner’s role is to receive and refer complaints from concerned community residents about wind farms (as well as promote best practices for industry and government to adopt in regard to the planning and operation of these projects)
Contact at:

• Phone 1800656395 or aeic@aeic.gov.au if you have any issues with completing the complaint template

Email your complaint to Simon Gatt – General Manager Gippsland: simon.gatt@hvp.com.au

Title your email with COMPLAINT

What to write?

A letter of complaint about the proposed Delburn Wind Farm.


What to do if the response is that a planning application has not been received yet?

It doesn’t matter. Please stress your concerns, raise any or all complaints and request your complaints are registered.


Who to write to?

1. Latrobe:
a. jody.riorden@latrobe.vic.gov.au (Manager Regional City Planning)
b. steven.piasente@latrobe.vic.gov.au (CEO)


2. South Gippsland:
a. council@southgippsland.vic.gov.au
b. kerryn.ellis@southgippsland.vic.gov.au (CEO)

c. https://www.southgippsland.vic.gov.au/info/20030/aged_and_disability/178/register_a_complaint_or_concern

3. Baw Baw:
a. david.quelch@bawbawshire.vic.gov.au (Coordinator Statutory Planning)
b. mark.dupe@bawbawshire.vic.gov.au (CEO)

c. https://www.bawbawshire.vic.gov.au/Customer-Service/Contact-Us/Enquiries-and-Complaints
c. bawbaw@bawbawshire.vic.gov.au

4. State and Federal members:
a. Richard Wynne (Minister for Planning) richard.wynne@parliament.vic.gov.au
b. Lily D’Ambrosio (Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Minister for Solar Homes) lily.dambrosio@parliament.vic.gov.au
c. Sussen Ley (Environment Minister, Federal) https://minister.awe.gov.au/ley/contact/contact-form
d. Michael Juttner (Manager, Renewables at Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning michael.juttner@delwp.vic.gov.au
e. Daniel Andrews (Premier, Victoria) daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au
f. Jenny Mikakos (Minister for Health) jenny.mikakos@parliament.vic.gov.au
g. Jaclyn Symes (Minister for Regional Development) jaclyn.symes@parliament.vic.gov.au
h. Ryan Smith (Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables, Shadow Minister for Resources) ryan.smith@parliament.vic.gov.au
i. Bridget Vallence (Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change) bridget.vallence@parliament.vic.gov.au
j. Peter Walsh (Shadow Minister for Bushfire Recovery, among others) peter.walsh@parliament.vic.gov.au

Additional tips

1. Get involved with the SCA and receive updates - see Contact us

2. Visit one of the upcoming events run by the SCA - see Events

• Take photos of any animals or photos of flora which may be deemed significant by the EPBC and/or EES or are of importance to you

Have you allowed OSMI onto your property to take photos of any views? If so, please ensure you do the following:
• Download a geo-referencing app
• Geo-reference the photos by downloading an app to assist.
• Take photos of precisely the same view. Date and time stamp the images

You don’t need the blessing of the SCA to raise your concerns. However, together, we are stronger. There are a number of ways of engaging the media:

• Local or State newspapers (letter to the editor, engage with journalists)

- Latrobe Valley Express
- Mirboo North Times
- Narracan News
- South Gippsland Voice

• Radio
• Television
• Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


  • Talk with your neighbours- it’s likely they too are feeling overwhelmed by this sudden issue.
  • Proceed with independent noise testing.
  • Consult your legal representative.
  • Get your property valued.
  • Consult your local GP or other health care professional/s - the threat the Delburn Wind Farm proposal may be impacting your health. Please talk through your worries and concerns with your GP and get your health checked. The impact of this proposal on the health of community has already been realized.
  • Research and share information with the Alliance – via Facebook, Instagram and via our contact us page. Together we can uncover more and more information to ensure we build a strong case against this proposal.



a. The proposal has been overwhelming and most of us have considered the potential catastrophic impact to our homes and our families.

b. Keep a copy of all written communication.

Whilst it is tempting to personally attack those who support the proposal, we request that communication remains respectful.

EPBC referral (historical)

Any proposed wind farm developer is required to submit a referral to The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE). The Federal Government will review the referral and will read all of the community comments to decide whether the project is likely to have significant impacts and a controlled action is required. A controlled action means an environmental assessment and approval is warranted. It’s important to note that the Federal Government will take into consideration every comment received. Every comment counts.
Where is the EPBC process up to?

•    OSMI submitted their first referral in January 2020. It opened for public comment in May.
•    Once the referral was made publicly available, any member of the community could write a comment. There were only ten business days to comment once it was published.
•    OSMI withdrew its first referral after public comments closed.
•    OSMI re-submitted their referral in May 2020.

The referral opened for public comment on 18/06/2020 and has now closed. We thank all individuals and groups who submitted comments.